6 beauty secrets of Scandinavian women

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When it comes to decoration or beauty, Scandinavians seem to opt for a clean and minimalist style. In the Scandinavian countries which are at the top of the countries where life is good, women have understood that to show off, it is necessary to remain natural. Natural beauty treatments, light make-up... Simplicity in the image of Nordic beauty.

The world of beauty for Scandinavian women is summed up by a unique beauty routine. Their motto: “Not too much, not too little”. Authenticity, minimalism and 100% natural ingredients… These are the secrets of Scandinavian blonde beauty.

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Scandinavian woman: What beauty routine?

Thermotherapy: Hot and cold

One of the secrets of Scandinavian women is the shock of temperatures to sublimate and invigorate their bodies. This technique consists of using hot and/or cold for their beneficial effect on the body. For this, head to the sauna to relax the muscles and detoxify the skin thanks to the steam and heat that emerge. Once the body has been purified, we go to the cold bath. The chilly just have to watch out, because it's a question of diving into icy water. Result: The skin is toned and blood circulation is more stimulated to energize the epidermis.

Thermotherapy – Source: spm

Balance between family and professional life

These extraordinary women have understood that spending time with family and sharing hobbies and activities with the people they love can reduce their stress . The latter can indeed be responsible for premature aging. By fighting against stress, you will prevent the appearance of wrinkles and many other ailments and diseases.

Natural skin hydration

6 beauty secrets of Scandinavian women

The hostile climate of the Scandinavian countries, especially in winter, makes the skin of their inhabitants see all the colors. To fight against the cold, which dries out the skin, Scandinavian women call on nature to protect their skin. The “cérat de Galen”, also called the cold cream, is a popular treatment among these women in these Nordic countries, allowing to hydrate and nourish the skin. It is a balm based on natural ingredients that pampers the body, the skin of the face, the lips or even the hands and feet. To take advantage of it, we reveal the secret of this incredible treatment with organic ingredients.

Sweet Almond Oil – Source: spm

Heat the sweet almond oil and the beeswax in a bain-marie, then add the rose hydrosol and mix everything together. Leave to cool then pour into a sterilized airtight jar. Rich in fatty acids, almond oil softens and protects the hydrolipidic film. Beeswax protects against external aggressions thanks to its hydrophobic properties. As for the rose hydrosol, it brings freshness and soothing to damaged skin. With this rejuvenating cream, you face winter in style!

Little make-up

When it comes to make-up, naturalness is the cornerstone of Scandinavian women's style. Their balance lies in the very simplicity of being beautiful. They advocate a light, natural and luminous make-up. Their secret? Focus on their strengths instead of hiding imperfections. If you dream of having the fresh “glowing” complexion of Nordic women, banish foundation, and opt for a fresh and light product to hide dark circles and correct the complexion while transparency. A pink lipstick acts as a blush and a hint of mascara is enough to enhance the look. Nude and pink tones are all that Scandinavian women are looking for to enhance their beauty with a guaranteed natural effect.

Well-defined eyebrows

Little makeup, yes, but the attention of Scandinavian women is placed on the eyebrows to better define the facial features. To do this, a specific powder or pencil of a shade slightly darker than the natural color of the eyebrows does the trick to highlight the look.

Caring for their blond hair

To maintain their flamboyant blond hair, Scandinavians turn to nature and take advantage of its benefits. Their secret? Chamomile. There is nothing better than this natural ingredient to illuminate and shine their beautiful hair. The choice of this plant is not accidental. The apigenin that makes up chamomile is a yellow pigment that promotes and maintains the natural and luminous blond color of light hair without damaging it. If you want to have this pretty Scandinavian blonde, rinse your hair with a chamomile infusion after your shampoo, and voila!

Beautiful Scandinavian blonde hair – Source: spm

Simplicity and minimalism are therefore the fundamental principles of Scandinavian women to enhance their beauty. You no longer need to carry around an arsenal of multiple cosmetics. Opt for organic and natural; a world of simplicity worthy of Nordic beauty.

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