Acne on the return from the holidays: our tips to limit the damage


But why this rebound effect? Haven't we been wise during these beautiful holidays? Why this sudden punishment that risks ruining your “rested-tanned-muscled-discolored” effect on your return to the office?

In itself, this effect is quite natural, even if you are beyond the stage of adolescence. But it is not the sun, in fact, that causes acne since it even improves it! On the one hand, the sun has an antibacterial effect that dries out the skin and reduces sebum production. On the other hand, the UV shot that we take on vacation helps to thicken the epidermis. This therefore prevents, for a time, the appearance of imperfections. However, it is later that the problem arises: once the end of the holidays has come, the accumulated excess reappears, to our great misfortune.

We therefore offer you a small selection of advice to apply both during your exhibition and after, once you return. The editor has also selected a whole series of products that will help you fight this acne breakout. Because who wants to look like a boy band fan? It would only take that to start the year again.

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Sun protection above all

Before curing, prevention is better. A high protection sunscreen will considerably slow down the comedogenic effects of the sun. It will also prevent tanning on your small pimples, if they have already appeared, and it will limit the appearance of scar spots. If you don't like being shiny by the pool, you should prefer mattifying and non-sticky sunscreens.


Foods to avoid

If possible during our holidays, otherwise on our return, we avoid the following foods: dairy products, sodas, refined sugars, … We try to eat more fruit and we limit the sausages and other meats that are too salty. No more ice cream, sausage-cheese-chips aperitifs! You have to reaccustom your body to a less fatty diet, to first purify yourself from the inside. We also try to drink a lot of water, and limit alcoholic beverages.


Don't neglect your beauty routine

The 3 essentials of the beauty routine are: remove make-up, exfoliate, moisturise. To better prevent the appearance of pimples, we get into the habit, morning and evening, of systematically removing make-up and cleansing our skin. Yes, we know, all the magazines keep repeating the same old story, and it's annoying. Sometimes you don't want to, you don't have the courage, you can't stick to it... But there aren't a thousand solutions! It takes consistency if you want beautiful skin, that's all. Healthy skin starts with cleansed and fresh skin, to prevent bacteria accumulated during the day from infecting blackheads. So we apply.

Once or twice a week, we also try to exfoliate, whether physical (produced with small crystals) or chemical (like micro-peels). Once the impurities are cleaned, the pores are released, which will prevent the outbreak of unwanted guests.

Acne after vacation: our tips for limiting the damage

Finally, don’t forget to moisturize your skin. There is no point in drying your skin out endlessly, you also have to take care of it and give it time to regenerate. So we use fresh moisturizing gels, light creams, which we superimpose if we want; we just avoid too greasy creams that will prevent the skin from breathing.

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Beware of the pillow

With the heat in summer, you quickly sweat at night. Not very glamorous, but you have to address the subject: if you don't change your sheets often, your perspiration accumulates and permeates your soft bed, which instead of being your cocoon of comfort and freshness quickly turns into a nest germs. Sleeping on a dirty pillow will infect your skin faster… We therefore recommend that you change your sheets every 4-5 days.


A zinc cure

An acne breakout can often be associated with a zinc deficiency. From the start of the school year, a 3-month cure begins, with zinc capsules (remember that, for this kind of recommendation, you must always make sure to ask your doctor for information).


Our favorite products

After these precious tips, we have compiled a selection of products that are perfect for overcoming oily skin, imperfections and other kinds of impurities that we prefer to avoid. For a fresh return to school!

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Dior mattifying serum €88.25. Ideal when the skin is unbalanced due to heat or humidity, this serum allows absorption of excess sebum thanks to extracts of lactic acid, pink clay and zinc gluconate.

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Clarins Lotus Oil, €44. Its rebalancing formula penetrates instantly. It contains essential oils of rosemary, geranium, and lotus which rebalance oily skin.

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Acne treatment lotion, Kiehl’s, $48. This product helps prevent acne breakouts, while reducing redness. Find it at Senteurs d’Ailleurs

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Purifying bamboo charcoal mask, GlamGlow, $9. This charcoal-infused mask creates bubbles as your skin detoxifies. We also told you about our opinion on this product in this article!

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Ladrôme geranium floral water. Geranium water helps oily skin to rebalance itself and serves perfectly as a toner before applying your makeup.

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Avene mask, +/- €10.50. It helps eliminate blemishes and leaves your skin fresh and clean.

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Clay and charcoal mask, 59€. Available on LabelChic. The clay and charcoal help detoxify your skin and purify it, and the vitamin C will help boost your collagen. The perfect mask!

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Tea tree essential oil, The Body Shop, 10€. This oil is to be applied to areas at risk or to pimples already present. This miracle product dries the area to be treated in 1 or 2 days.

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Björk & Berries, 35€. This exfoliating gel contains a mix of colloidal oatmeal, whose properties calm the skin, as well as minerals that deeply cleanse and eliminate excess oil.

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Effaklar La Roche Posay treatment, €13.50. One of the brand's flagship products! A fresh gel that gets rid of blackheads.

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Magic Microopeeling Pschitt, on Sephora, €30.50. This grain-free micropeel works quickly to transform the quality of your skin's texture. It guarantees brighter skin, eliminates imperfections and allows the skin to regenerate.

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Neutrogena Pink Grapefruit Cleansing Exfoliating Gel, €5.95. This refreshing exfoliator deeply cleans pores and helps reduce blemishes and prevent their appearance.

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Micropeeling night concentrate, Kiehl’s, $60. This product smoothes and exfoliates overnight, for fresh skin in the morning. To be found at Senteurs d’Ailleurs.

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Duo of purifying masks, Caudalie, €47.60.The Purifying Mask and the Glycolic Peeling Mask help to deep cleanse and refine the skin texture.

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La Mer Cleansing Gel, €89 for 200ml. This foaming gel removes excess sebum from the skin without irritating, drying or damaging it. The skin appears more radiant and energized.

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Sisley balancing purifying lotion. 67€. This 3-in-1 treatment purifies, cleanses and softens the skin. In addition to reducing imperfections and reducing areas of shine.

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Peel compresses, Comfort Zone, +/- €50. 14 pieces. These single-use towels eliminate dead cells and participate in the regeneration of the skin. The product being quite concentrated, it is recommended for mature skin.

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