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We are inspired by Chizu Saeki

At 74, Chizu Saeki is the beauty specialist in Japan.Aesthetician by training, she went through the laboratories of the Guerlain and Dior houses before putting herself on her own, then writing articles on beauty made in japan.His latest work, the beauty secrets of the Japanese, conceals advice that is easy to follow.Example ?More than the composition of a treatment cream, it is the way to put it on the face that counts.You have to heat the cream for a few seconds in the hollow of your hand before applying it with your fingers, slightly taping the skin.A lukewarm cream releases 100% of its assets, so it is more effective than a product out of the pot and put directly.The book also learns to practice self-massage.The beauty secrets of the Japanese, Chizu Saeki, Marabout editions.

We equip ourselves in electronics

Walking in the beauty shelves of Japanese department stores, such as Isetan and Tokyu Hands in Tokyo, is a unique experience.There is an astronomical quantity of innovative products and gadgets - sometimes unusual.Japanese people love it.The flagship brand of the moment?Panasonic Beauty, which has developed three devices become bestsellers in Japan.In a country where skin cleaning is an almost religious art, the Japanese have done the cleaning face brush (EH-XC10 model) their ally to remove the epidermis.They are also addicted to the facial sauna (EH-SA31 model), which allows you to do a skin cleaning worthy of that of a spa at home.The diffuse machine of nanoparticles of steam which hydrate, purify and allow to disinfrue blackheads and other impurities.To practice two to three times a month."Last but not least": the face firmness stimulator (EH-XT20 model).When it was released in Tokyo, this product was permanently out of stock.The principle ?Thanks to a micro-current system, the device firms the skin and erases wrinkles.Magical !Good news, these devices are now available in France.

We multiply massages

It is one of the best kept beauty secrets of the Japanese.Ultra-discipline, the latter devote ten and evening ten minutes to a facial massage.Useless, do you think?Mistake !Stimulating your skin would allow blood to circulate better and would have an immediate good -looking effect.Massages would also help protect the epidermis, tone the dermis and muscles that support it.Translation ?They would slow down the skin.The simplest of them is to massage the face from bottom to top with small circular gestures for three minutes.But devices (available on the Japan Trend Shop site) allow you to practice this effortless facial massage.The Japanese do not stop there and also use other gadgets, much more improbable: nose refinee, anti -wrinkle glasses or smile rectifier ...

We pamper our nails

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Nail Art is part of everyday life in Japan.Almost impossible to meet a Japanese naked nails.Latest fad to date: reproducing Klimt's works on his nails ... guaranteed "Whaou" effect!The Disco Nail Institute, in the heart of the Harajuku district, in Tokyo, offers this type of manicure and regularly displays.The alternative: bet on the fake nails.In this case, a name to remember: hana4.This nail artist signs completely crazy creations, others wiser, it's up to you to choose.It is possible to contact her via her Instagram account.Choose your nails and order!

We learn ourselves in the layering

This is the Dada of the Beauty Addicts Japanese.Farewell creams, hello serums and oils.The latter would penetrate the skin faster and would be less fatty than a treatment cream.The ritual to adopt?Layering, traditionally called in Japan "Saho".This ancestral beauty ritual consists in superimposing on his face several strata of cleansing and purifying care, according to a specific order.This discipline would be the miraculous secret of the complexion of the Japanese.

The six stages of a successful layering:

1.Pass a cleansing oil on the whole face.Still little used in France, cleansing oil is much more effective than milk.Its function is to remove all the fatty substances present on the face properly;

2.Rinse your face with water and apply a soap to remove surplus oil and impurities due to pollution;

3.Soak a cotton of a few drops of floral lotion, pass it all over the face.The lotion soothes and reveals the radiance of the complexion;

4.Tap the contours of the eyes with a lifting serum;

5.Apply the day, or night serum to nourish and hydrate the skin;

6.Finish the layering with day, or night cream, to protect the skin.

We adopt stars products

Wanting to play the perfect Japanese, it's good.Still, you have to give yourself the means.Here is a list of essential beauty available in France or on the net:

- Konjac sponge: cult accessory in Japan, this very soft, 100 % natural sponge respects the pH and the sebum level (available on Ohmycream.com);

- Tatcha cleansing oil: this brand is inspired by the ancestral beauty techniques of the Geishas.The products are based on algae, rice and green tea (available at Sephora or on Tatcha.com);

- Shaquda brushes: luxury pure makeup brushes, of incredible beauty, in walnut wood.The hair is covered with a moisturizing oil that softens the skin with each powder application (available on Shaquda.JP/EN, site in English).

We hydrate with green tea

The Japanese are living proof of this: drinking liters of green tea every day provides a brilliant complexion.Its draining virtues eliminate toxins that tarnish the complexion.For a convincing result, it is recommended to drink three cups a day.Some do not hesitate to make house masks based on green tea to erase wrinkles, decongest the pockets under the eyes and revitalize the skin.The Japanese tip?Infuse a sachet of green tea three to five minutes in 25 cl of mineral water.Leave to rest in the refrigerator for an hour, then pour a few drops of the infusion on two cottons.Apply for ten minutes.Guaranteed effect!

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