Indispensable products (less than 20 €) to slip into your toiletry bag

Shoppinguelement essential to travel, an intelligently filled toiletry will allow you to be impeccable anywhere and never to be caught off guard.

By Agathe Duval

What are the essentials to slide your eyes closed into your toiletry bag?The most important to keep in mind is to bet on ultra -efficient products to take them on without asking questions in your baggage for the holidays.Taking care of yourself is a wellness parenthesis in the day not to be overlooked, so we draw on the shelf of your bathroom of which to be impeccable From head to toe: face cream, toothbrush, shampoo ... forA flawless skincare routine far From the house (and less than 20 euros), here is the best of grooming at a value for money infallible.

For the face

Un savon visage purifiant au charbon Erborian

Yourself clear skin with this plant bread of vegetable origin enriched in coal: it has purifying and mattifying virtues to lighten the skin with the smallest annoyances.

Erborian coal purifying faces

17,99 €12,59 €MarionnaudAchetez maintenantUn masque d'eau repulpant Jowaé

Fresh, light and well moisturizing, this mask composed at 96% of natural ingredients brings to the skin all the comfort it lacks in winter.Exit the temperature reductions that make the skin ultra dry to the point of undergoing some tightness after the shower.

Mask of plump water Jowaé

13,99 €MarionnaudAchetez maintenantUn soin hydratant énergisant L'Oréal Men Expert

Instantly awaken your skin From bed jumping with this energizing treatment for good -looking effect!Its formula enriched in creatine with stimulating properties erases all signs of fatigue thanks to its reFreshing texture which is a real boost for the epidermis.

Hydrating and energizing treatment L'Oréal Men Expert

11,90 €AmazonAchetez maintenantUn sérum anti-âge The Ordinary

Enriched with multi-technologies peptides, this formula targets the first signs of age: loss of elasticity, appearance of wrinkles and fine lines, irregular complexion ... a vegan treatment that has everything good and that it is better to use late than ever!

Anti-Again-based peptide serum The Ordinary

14,90 €NocibéAchetez maintenantUn gel bronzant visage Lancaster

No need to wait for the summer holidays or expose your skin dangerously in the sun to look good!This gel texture cream gives a slight tanned shade to the skin while protecting it From the harms of the sun's rays (SPF 15).What have a safe complexion without danger ...


11,20 €NotinoAchetez maintenantUn gel-crème visage La Rosée

Ultra Fresh and capable of moisturizing the face with a single passage, this gel-cream is the ally of sensitive, normal and mixed skin.While its organic cucumber base plugs the skin, the zinc takes care of limiting imperfections and matifying the area.

Gel-Cleme La dew

21,66 €AmazonAchetez maintenantUn nettoyant visage purifiant The Body Shop

To you the clear skin with this purifying face cleaner gel enriched in tea tree essential oil with purifying and mattifying virtues.Enough to alleviate the problem with the smallest annoyances for flawless skin and tight pores.

Purifying Face Face Tree The Body Shop Tea Tree

4 €ThebodyshopAchetez maintenantUn soin anti-boutons Sanoflore

Particularly present on the forehead, nose and chin, skin problems do not disappear with age.Fortunately, there are simple ways to eliminate pimples without finishing with the skin in tatters.This peppermint care reduces redness, tingling sensations and discomfort in just 24 hours!

Magnifica Sanoflore anti-fuss

13,99 €MarionnaudAchetez maintenantUn masque de nuit Nocibé

Short night, stress, sunburn ... Take advantage of your 8 hours of sleep to apply a regenerating night face mask to the well -targeted action: Kiwi extracts rich in vitamins and antioxidants ensure revitalized, hydrated and reinforced skin.Enough to display a superb mine in bed!

“Regenerating” night mask, Nocibé

9,95 €NocibéAchetez maintenantUne eau nettoyante purifiante et matifiante Laboratoires SVR

What to eliminate with a single gesture the impurities, pollution and excess sebum to make clear skin.For sensitive skin, don't worry, this cleaning water does not dry out the skin at all!To use morning and evening if you wish.

Purifying and matifying cleaning water, SVR laboratories

3,50 €2,45 €NocibéAchetez maintenantUn exfoliant visage purifiant La Provençale

Enriched with bio AOP Provence olive oil and olive nuclei, this treatment exfoliates, purifies and smooths the skin while protecting our planet.The ideal solution to say goodbye to impurities and reveal a brilliant health skin, all without compromise.

Organic cleaning purity scrub, Provençale

7,50 €NocibéAchetez maintenantUn gel nettoyant visage anti-boutons Neutrogena

Yourself with clear skin with this anti-firing cleansing gel whose formula cleanses pores while preserving the natural skin balance.The extra thing?Its exfoliating micro-pants ensure impeccable skin texture.

NEUTROGENA anti-fuss face cleaner gel

8,10 €AmazonAchetez maintenantUne crème contour des yeux Annemarie Börlind

Effective for over 60 years, this carrot extract treatment nourishes the more sensitive area of the epidermis: eye contour.The very fine skin of this area, (often) in lack of hydration, requires the application of a rich cream to fight against skin aging.Here's what to smooth your little wrinkles that set up over time and give a little stroke of old.

Eye contour cream Annemarie Börlind

18,50 €AmazonAchetez maintenantUne mousse nettoyante visage Lavera

The foam texture of this ultra -soft formula gives the impression of washing your face in a cloud of sweetness.What to eliminate the impurities and visible particles of pollution while respecting the natural balance of the skin.

Lavera sensitive cleansing foam

9,90 €NotinoAchetez maintenantUn masque en tissu Filorga

Exit the dull complexion, give your skin the boost that it lacks.Between jet lag or excess air conditioning, its lack of hydration will eventually be seen.To remedy this, this fabric face mask soaked in a concentrated serum will smooth your lines and make your skin visibly younger in just 15 minutes of installation!

Super-Lissing Mask Filorga

9,99 €6,99 €MarionnaudAchetez maintenant

For the body

Un déodorant stick Eau des Baux L'Occitane

Part of the collection of Occitan leases, this deodorant combines the scent of wood and that of incense.Also made up of pink berries, cardamom, vanilla and tonka bean, it dries quickly and ensures 24 -hour protection against bad smells.Alcohol -Free, paraben, aluminum salts!

Deodorant Stick Water Baux L'Occitane

16,50 €L'OccitaneAchetez maintenantLes pains de savon surgras Horace

Les produits indispensables (à moins de 20€) à glisser dans sa trousse de toilette

Each shower, opt for a different smell depending on your mood of the day: Italian bergamot and peppermint, orange blossom and peppermint or tea tree and tea tree.Enough to place one on the sink, one in the shower and one on the edge of the bathtub to definitively eradicate the bottles of plastic shower gels which are consumed at high speed!

Compliable trio of Horace Surgras soap breads

18 €16 €HoraceAchetez maintenantUn gel douche hydratant revitalisant Jowaé

To clean you gently while respecting the balance of your skin here is the shower gel you need!Its physiological pH formula makes it a natural and biodegradable washing basis.

Revitalizing moisturizing shower with bamboo water Jowaé

9 €MarionnaudAchetez maintenantUn gel douche vivifiant L'Occitane

Treat yourself to an olfactory getaway in the south of France with this shower gel flavored with verbena.Wrap yourself as soon as a wave of Freshness in the shower was leap to the bed to wake you up vigorously.

Verveine L'Occitane shower gel

6 €L'OccitaneAchetez maintenantUn pain de savon Klorane

Exit the shower gel bottles, opt for a solid format like body cleaner.What definitively eradicate plastic From your bathroom by adopting a more responsible consumption mode.As a bonus, it is much less aggressive for the skin!

Cupacu flower soap, Klorane

3,50 €NocibéAchetez maintenantUn baume hydratant multi-usages Bivouak

Exit the irritated skin From head to toe with this solid hydrating treatment nestled in its metal box.And yes, this multi-purpose balm can be used for the body, beard, hair and even in the sun!Small and efficient, here is the small magic pot of vacation sores ...

Bivouak multi-purpose balm

16,90 €NocibéAchetez maintenantUn déodorant en crème The Lekker Company

Exit aluminum salt and other sprays harmful to your health.Here, the deodorant has an ultra tender texture based on shea to allow you to apply it to the skin like a balm.In the program ?Up to 24 hours of Freshness in the sweet wake of invigorating citrus Fruits ...

Deodorant Mandarin/Lemon Cream The Lekker Company

8,95 €Dille & KamilleAchetez maintenantUne crème corps hydratante Mixa

Having the skin that turns out of the shower is far From pleasant.So bet on an express hydrating treatment to wrap it in comfort for at least 48 hours.An essential to rehydrate your skin in seconds after a long exposure to the sun.

Fondant body cream hydration 48h mixa

4,64 €AmazonAchetez maintenantUne crème dépilatoire Veet

Exit the unsightly hairs with the depilatory cream veet special sensitive skin.Apply to the desired area (torso, armpits, back ...) and in just 5 minutes you are rid of your superfluous coat.All without pain!

Men's depilatory cream - Sensitive skins Veet

6,49 €4,67 €AmazonAchetez maintenant

For hair

Un soin anti-cheveux gris aux acides aminés The Inkey List

To be applied in night care, this product makes it possible to reactivate the pigmentation of the capillary follicle to reduce and prevent the appearance of white hair.

Gray anti-hairdrying with amino acids The inkey List

14,99 €AsosAchetez maintenantUn spray effet retour de plage Ouai

This hair spray is the must to end up with hair worthy of a Californian surfer.This texturizing mist offers a natural wavy effect to your cut without going through the sea water box.

Hair spray

12 €AsosAchetez maintenantUn shampoing purifiant Aveda

To take care of your hair, bet on a shampoo that will cleanse and clarify your mane in depth while moisturizing it.With this one, exit dull and breathless hair, he will offer them a vitality shot via his light formula with notes of rosemary and peppermint.

Purifying rosemary and mint shampoo Avedda

9,45 €LookfantastikAchetez maintenantUn shampoing sec René Furterer

For a little speed morning or to counter an overproduction of post-workout sebum, bet on this dry shampoo with absorbent clay.Impurities and bad smells (perspiration, tobacco, pollution, etc.) are eliminated in a flash to give way to clean hair!

Dry shampoo Naturia René Furterer

9,90 €NocibéAchetez maintenant

Dry Shampoo Naturia, René Furterer, € 9.90 on Nocibe.Fr

Un shampooing antipelliculaire Nature Box

For the most lazy among you or for minimalists, here is the solution!This 3-in-1 antipellicular shampoo takes care of your hair, scalp and beard. Enrichi en huile de chanvre pressé à Froid, ce soin préservera votre crinière comme il faut.

Nature Box antipellicular shampoo

4,50 €NocibéAchetez maintenantUne crème coiffante Redken

For those who do not know an awakening without ears in their hair, bet on this styling cream.Its light texture makes it possible to structure your hairstyle while hydrating and respecting the pH of your hair.

Redken styling cream

16,99 $US11,99 $USMarionnaudAchetez maintenant

For the beard

Une mousse à raser Lavera

This shaving foam will allow you to get rid of your gentle hair by protecting your skin from skin aggressions and irritation during shaving.

Lavera razing foam

6,68 €1001pharmaciesAchetez maintenantUne huile à barbe Bulldog

To cut and shape your beard so that it is as beautiful as possible.It is still necessary to take care so that it does not dry out.This treatment composed of borage oil and jojoba will come and soften and hydrate the dry and brittle hairs of your lower face while nourishing your skin nestled below.With that, say bye-bye to itching!

Bulldog beard oil

6,45 €FeeluniqueAchetez maintenantUne crème à raser Men by Marionnaud

In order to avoid irritation, apply a shaving cream so that the skin tugs due to the repetitive gestures of shaving.With this one, the blade of the razor slides without incumbent since the hair softens thanks to its creamy texture.

Men by Marionnaud Comfort Cream

7,90 €5,53 €MarionnaudAchetez maintenantUn rasoir manuel Wilkinson

This very precise razor makes it possible to obtain an ultra precise result to best shave each area of the face thanks to its 5 blades.Most ?The head contains a hydrating gel tank enriched with vitamin E for optimal skin protection.

Men's Hydro 5 Skin Sensitive Wilkinson Skin

9,50 €AmazonAchetez maintenantUn baume après-rasage Eau Thermale Avène

After the fire of the razor, apply an after-sharing balm to instantly relieve the most sensitive skins.Beyond soothing, moisturizing and purifying your skin, this treatment deposits a protective film to shield in the face of any external aggressions.

Avène thermal water after-sharing balm

16,50 €NocibéAchetez maintenantUne huile de barbe Horace

Enriched with 100 % ingredients of natural origin, this beard oil ensures soft and hydrated hair.How ?Thanks to the association of argan oil, castor black oil and almond oil that make the hair shine while making it flexible, all without oily finish!

Huile pour barbe Patchouli & Cèdre

12 €HoraceAchetez maintenantUne huile à barbe au ricin Natessance

Whether you display a three -day beard or a lower face of the lower face to display a simple mustache, the hair of the beard - like the hair - is subjected to daily external aggressions (pollution, limestone water, tobacco ...).To take care of it, nothing like castor oil to make it more resistant.It will strengthen and regenerate the hair from the first application!

Natessance castor oil

14,99 €MarionnaudAchetez maintenant

For the mouth

Un tube de dentiFrice Merci Handy

Avec 96% d'ingrédients d'origine naturelle, ce dentiFrice à l'aspect visuel atypique (une pâte bleu nuit à paillettes) a tout pour redonner le sourire. Sa texture à l'aspect de ciel étoilé est une formule magique - enrichie en charbon végétal - qui assure un effet blanchissant et une haleine Fraîche bluffante.

DentiFrice intergalactique Merci Handy

6 €NocibéAchetez maintenantUn dentiFrice solide Respire

Le principe ? Mettez une pastille dans votre bouche, une fois croquée elle va se transformer en mousse pour faire office de dentiFrice.We like its rechargeable container which slips without fear of being pierced in the toiletry bag.

DentiFrice solide Respire

8,90 €NocibéAchetez maintenantUn tube de dentiFrice Horace

Best-seller du label Français, le dentiFrice Horace a la particularité d'être ultra mentholé pour vous ofFrir une sensation de Fraîcheur durable. À raison de deux brossages par jour, optez pour ce dentiFrice qui éradiquera durablement vos principaux problèmes : dents tachées par le tabac, gencives ultra sensibles, mauvaise haleine...

DentiFrice menthe Fraîche Horace

6 €HoraceAchetez maintenantUne brosse à dents Hay

Even if you are used to cleaning your quenots with an electric toothbrush, ideal to slip into a toiletry bag to go on weekends or on vacation remains the classic toothbrush.The particularity of this one?Its famous Danish manufacturer Hay has decided to make this daily object of the bathroom, an elegant accessory.All you have to do is decide on color ...

Tann Hay toothbrush

4 €SmallableAchetez maintenantUn spray haleine Fraîche Fluocaril

Make sure you have an breath at the top all day when it is impossible for you to brush your teeth at lunch.Its ultra nomadic format is the must to take everywhere with you!

Spray haleine Fraîche Fluocaril

7,76 €AmazonAchetez maintenant

For lips

Un baume à lèvres mer et montagne Laboratoires de Biarritz

Perfect for surfers and skiers (but not only), this lip balm with a SPF 30 deeply hydrates the lips while protecting them from the sun.Even in winter, sun protection is recommended to avoid all burns and also prevent the appearance of fine lines.

Mer lip balm and mountain laboratories of Biarritz

10,99 €MarionnaudAchetez maintenantUn soin des lèvres bio Matière Brute

Enriched with organic carthame oil from the southwest and organic beeswax from the Morvan Regional Park, this treatment protects and intensely nourishes the Lips Gercée. Le tout avec 100% d'ingrédients actifs, Frais et de saison.What more ?

Gutted bio lip care

7 €Matière BruteAchetez maintenantUn stick à lèvres A-Derma

Pour combattre les gerçures liées au Froid ou au soleil, le baume à lèvres est le soin indispensable pour apaiser en quelques instants une bouche échauffée.Note that this area is the most sensitive of the epidermis.

A-Derma nourishing lip balm

5,50 €NocibéAchetez maintenantUn stick à lèvres hydratant Protection SPF20 Korres

Without silicones, parabens, without mineral oils, phthalates, ethanolamines ... In short, enough to take care of your lips with the best possible ingredients!As a bonus you protect yourself from UVA and UVB without having white lips.

SPF20 protection moisturizer stick Greek yogurt Korres

5,99 €MarionnaudAchetez maintenant

For hands

Un spray désinfectant mains Harvest Skincare

Une arôme raFraichissante et revigorante grâce à un précieux mélange de citron, d'eucalyptus et d'huile essentielle de romarin.

Harvest Skincare's disinfectant spray

13 €SmallableAchetez maintenantUn spray lavant Kerzon

Le parfum poudré à la figue de ce spray désinfectant vient se mélanger aux odeurs de la Méditerranée pour vous ofFrir une escapade olfactive.

Mint and fig spray Kerzon

9 €SmallableAchetez maintenantUne crème mains hydratante La compagnie de Provence Extra

Gently scented, this cream is a real bowl of hands for the hands.Enough to leave them soft and hydrated through a wake of spray.Note that its formula is 96% natural.

Moisturizing hand cream The Extra Provence Company

6,99 €MarionnaudAchetez maintenantDu gel hydroalcoolique aux notes boisées Aēsop

His smell ?Mandarin bark scents, rosemary leaf, Atlas cedar, all in an ultra nomadic format.

Hydroalcoholic gel Resurrection of hands without rinsing Aēsop

9 €FeeluniqueAchetez maintenantUne crème mains au beurre de karité & aloe vera Avril

As beautiful hands are an undeniable seduction asset, do not forget to hydrate them correctly.Here, shea butter brings exemplary nutrition while Aloe Vera water gave back flexibility to your skin to display a grip as pleasant as possible.

Crème pour les mains au beurre de karité & l'aloe vera certifiée bio Avril

6 €NocibéAchetez maintenant

For the feet

Un spray revitalisant pour les pieds Bloom and Blossom

On the plane or after a long walk, spray as soon as the need arises this revitalizing treatment on the feet and legs.Result ?Exit the swollen feet and the feeling of heavy legs. Vos membres fatiguées sont stimulés et raFraîchis !

Revitalizing spray for Bloom and Blossom feet

23,45 €19,90 €LookfantastikAchetez maintenantDes pansements ampoules Compeed

Nothing worse than ending up with bulbs and other feet injuries during the holidays. Alors on mise sur la Rolls-Royce des pansements pour protéger ses pieds des moindres Frottements dans vos chaussures.With that you will no longer be forced to stay in your hotel room while waiting for it to happen ...

COMPEED healing dressings

12,49 €9,79 €AmazonAchetez maintenant

To perfume yourself

Une eau de toilette format poche Abercrombie & Fitch

Cette eau de toilette pour homme signée Abercrombie & Fitch est masculine et Fraîche à la fois avec ses notes de pomme, de lavande et de mousse de chêne.At each pschitt, release a warm perfume to wear all year round.

Eau de toilette Authentic Night homme Abercrombie & Fitch

15 €NocibéAchetez maintenant

To protect yourself from the sun

Une brume solaire Bergasol Expert Noreva

No more excuse for those who hate spread sunscreen, the spray of this solar mist does the job for you.

Solar mist Bergasol Expert Noreva

19,42 €AmazonAchetez maintenantUne crème solaire SPF 30 Laboratoires de Biarritz

Because it is important to remember: sun protection is essential every day of the year!So beware all the more during your spring walks under the first rays of sun.Most ?This non -greasy and non -sticky cream also has the chic to respect the skin and the ocean!

SPF30 Alga Maris Face Sunflage Cream Laboratories of Biarritz

17,99 €MarionnaudAchetez maintenant

To repair your sun skin

La gelée après-soleil naturelle Respire

With 98% of ingredients of natural origin, pamper your skin as it should be after a day to liss in the sun.Its gel texture ensures to prepare the skin and prolong the tanning.

Natural after-sun jelly breathes

13,90 €NocibéAchetez maintenantUn masque SOS apaisant après-soleil Lierac

Exit the skin heated.Back from the beach, dim up in the shower then apply this mask to your face to comfort the skin after exposure. À la clé ? Un raFraîchissant immédiat grâce à la Cryo effect technology capable d’abaisser la température de la peau.

SOS SOS SOS mask Sunissimo Lierac

7,99 €MarionnaudAchetez maintenantUn gel après-soleil La Roche-Posay

Vous avez pris le soleil un peu trop longuement ? Appliquez juste après l'exposition ce gel raFraîchissant pour vous ofFrir un apaisement immédiat.Its antioxidant formula also provides hydration of more than 24 hours!

Posthelios Hydragel La Roche-Posay

15,50 €NocibéAchetez maintenant

To slive

Une crème minceur spécial ventre Anaca 3

To reduce your stomach in record time, nothing like betting on this.Special Flat belly cream.Enriched with extracts of mustard and capsaicin shoots, it ensures to reduce up to 4.1 cm on average the circumference of the abdomen depending on the case tested.

Special belly slimming cream anaca3

21,99 €19,98 €AmazonAchetez maintenantUn gel Frais pour perte centimétrique du ventre, de la taille et des cuisses

En seulement 14 jours ce gel Frais minceur à l'efficacité prouvée assure de perdre 1 cm de tour de taille,-1,4 cm du tour de ventre, -0,9 cm de tour de chaque cuisse selon les résultats obtenus sur 25 volontaires.What find a silhouette faster in a time time!

Intervention D-14 Flat belly, size, thighs Dr Pierre Ricaud

32 €16,30 €Dr Pierre RicaudAchetez maintenant

To boost

Des compléments alimentaires “On veut…être d'attaque dès le matin” Atelier Nubio

Fatigue ?Has struggling to get out of bed?Concentration problem?Stimulate your metabolism to fight against the bar strokes in the middle of the day without going through the caffeine box.What improve your performance with 100% ingredients of natural origin at the rate of one capsule per day.

Food supplements "We want ... being of attack in the morning" workshop nubio

19 €BlissimAchetez maintenantDes gummies pour booster son corps et son mental

OfFrez-vous un coup de boost immédiat avec ses gummies à base de guarana, ginseng, baies de goji, vitamine C...What effectively reduce your feeling of fatigue to be of attack for the day!

Energy gummies miraculous

19,90 €Les MiraculeuxAchetez maintenantDes vitamines anti-fatigue Respire

À raison d'une gélule par jour (à prendre au petit-déjeuner), ofFrez-vous un coup de boost dès le saut du lit pour mettre fin à une fatigue passagère.90% composed of ingredients of natural origin, this vitamin complex also ensures to strengthen the immune system.Why deprive yourself of it?

Natural anti-fatigue vitamins breathes

14,90 €NocibéAchetez maintenant

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