Lip Wings, the new makeup trend for XXL lips that will not leave anyone indifferent!

Pob hairstyle, cargo pants, split jeans… nostalgia for the 2000s does not leave us.The iconic outfits and highlights of our adolescence have returned to the front of the fashion stage for a few seasons and it is not to displease us.Latest novelty that panics make-up amateurs?The Lip Wings!Halfway between the Joker and the Bratz dolls, the new makeup trend revisits the famous lips outline traced in pencil.Whether you like it or not, your mouth XXL has been popular for a few years already.On Tik Tok and Instagram, the bloggers who cracked for makeup "lip wings" are counted by thousands.In short, the last fad of the beauty will leave no one indifferent!

Lip makeup trend: for a mouth with perfect contours, we put on the lip wings

Liens commerciaux

Unlike the eye makeup, that of the lips is less complex and relatively basic.And if the lipstick in all its forms is a safe bet, some beautistas have fun bringing up to date old trends make-up like the brilliant gloss and the lip pencil.Very popular with stars, the latter is the ultimate weapon to obtain a more luscious and redesigned mouth to perfection.

Liens commerciaux

Ariana Grande, Rihanna, Lily Rose-Depp, Jennifer Lopez, the Kardashian sisters opt for a dark pencil to enhance the outline of their cupid arc.However, a new makeup trend is making its revolution on the web.The lip wings is one of the most original ways to work on its mouth to make it larger and desirable.Focus!

Lip Wings, la nouvelle tendance de maquillage pour des lèvres XXL qui ne laissera personne indifférent !

Lip wings, kesako?

What exactly is Lip Wings?Well, to understand the new lip makeup trend, just take the luscious mouth of your Bratz doll and add the Joker's signature make-up to it.No, we are kidding!The LIP Wings is a very original method to make up your lips by making them larger without going through the surgery box.Elegant and glamorous, it does not, however, in discretion.If its principle of realization is based on the lip pencil, the technique is very different.So how do you succeed without doing it too much?

LIP Wings: How to succeed in the new trend in lip makeup?

According to bloggers seduced by this new makeup technique, the LIP Wings can be carried out in several ways.The easy method in our opinion?Take a dark lip pencil and value your cupid arc.Then finish the line in comma in the upper lip corners.Then make a loop outward -in -eyeliner.Finally, finish by applying your favorite lipstick.It's up to you the luscious lips with perfect contours!

On Tik Tok, beautistas prefer to use the lip pencil to exaggerate their cupid arc.They extend the ends of the upper lip, making two wings upwards upwards.Then, they redraw the outline of the lower lip with a lighter pencil, without blurring, before filling the interior with a shiny lip gloss or a matstick.

Another variant to succeed in LIP Wings makeup will be to swap the lip pencil against a brush.Use the latter with black eyeshadows to give volume and a more gothic effect to your mouth.In this case, have a light hand at the eye level.To avoid a beauty faux pas, please marry your dark lips with nude makeup.The too made -up mouth does not forgive pimples, dark circles, redness and other imperfections at the level of the complexion.So bet on an effective concealer and a fairly covering foundation.On the look side, a black eyeliner dash and a few layers of mascara will do the trick.

The lip wings for whom?

If the new lip makeup trend has been talked about for a few months, it keeps making the buzz on social networks.However, it is not made for everyone.Halfway between the Bratz doll and the distorted mouth at the Joker, the Lip Wings does not offer a most natural result.It is therefore not very suitable for followers of the "no make-up" trend.

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