Photos: how to make a beautiful red mouth like actress Anya Taylor-Joy at the Emmy Awards

Sunday September 19, 2021 was held the 73rd Emmy Awards ceremony in Los Angeles in the United States.A highly anticipated ceremony which rewards the best series on the planet.But a ceremony which is also an opportunity for the stars of the small screen to put themselves on their 31 and to slam the wildest dresses, the most daring hairstyles and the most glamorous make -up!

Among our favorites, the Dior makeup of actress Anya Taylor-Joy, unforgettable performer of the series The Game of the Lady who won the Emmy of the best mini series.A perfect complexion, a sexy red mouth, eyes that play the card of discretion, the perfect combo so as not to do too much thanks to this sublime look make-up signed Georgie Eisdell for Dior Beauty.Because this is the error that we have all made one day or the other.If you decide to play the card of the red mouth, it is imperative that the lipstick is the star and the only makeup star and that everything else goes ... after!

Instructions for making a beautiful red mouth

Start by unifying the complexion with a light foundation that will discreetly blurred the small imperfections, but unanswered.Sculpt the contours with a blush to bring a little relief.Apply an ultra discreet eye shadow, a tender beige, a very pale pink, in short, a color that will go unnoticed.Hem the eyes of a point of black mascara, without loading too much and go to the mouth.And there, some rules are essential!

First step: "Start by eating the lips slowly with an ultra -flexible toothbrush and hot water" explains Carole Lasnier.No need to use a scrub, often too aggressive for this delicate area."Then continue by softening your lips with a moisturizing balm, continues the pro.Dab with a paper handkerchief to delicately remove the excess product and then choose an ultra long -lasting lipstick formula "she said.

PHOTOS : Comment se faire une belle bouche rouge comme l'actrice Anya Taylor-Joy aux Emmy Awards

Second step: "Draw the outline of the mouth with a very well -cut lip contour pencil (super important) of the same color as the lipstick that you will use.Always work from the center of the mouth towards the lip commissures, as if you were drawing a heart then, from the outside, make the gesture in the other direction going from the outside to the center.Do the same with the lower lip.Smile slightly while you draw this line, it allows you to hell the lips better and check the line route.Draw the color once again by biting in a paper handkerchief and go to coloring! "Amuses Carole.

Third step: "If you use a red with foam applicator, wipe the product excess on the applicator on a kleenex or on the back of the hand" specifies Carole.Then apply the color in the same way as the pencil, still from the center to the commissures and vice versa "she explains.Good to know: do not pinch the lips after the application (as we often do by reflex) because with this type of long -lasting formula, it can alter efficiency and therefore ... the outfit.If you use a red in the form of a stick, take a tip of color with a small flat brush and apply it as explained above.You are ready!

Last tip: "To make up your removal, imperatively use a bi-phase make-up makeup remover, the only solution to cut the color without having to rub rubbing!"specifies Carole Lasnier.

Find in the slideshow above the 15 most beautiful lipsticks of the season!

Photo credits: Dior Couture and Dior Beauty

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