Red lipstick, a symbol of absolute seduction

Lipstick is on all mouths, in all bags, increases our self-esteem as much as our sex appeal.Backstages to daily life, he is our ally Bonne Mine, "the first weapon of seduction of a woman," said VSoco VShanel, and an emblem of female beauty for five thousand years.

If he was reserved for courtesans, pin-ups or actresses (Sarah Bernhardt popularized him in the 19th century while wearing red in public was prohibited), Marilyn Monroe hoisted him at the top of the glam (we note that'She used it to make her teeth whiter and mixed five different shades to obtain her personal color ...).Meanwhile, in the 1930s, VShanel dressed him with modernity with a rotating case.

Disappeared in the 1990s to 2000, to the detriment of gloss and nude shades, the red lipstick is today making a shattering comeback with 900 million tubes sold per year in the world (including 300 million in Europe), or aThirty every second.

An anti-crisis accessory

AT success that is not just about a fashion story, but perhaps also to an economic context, if we believe Leonard Lauder, VShairman of the Board of Directors Estée Lauder, who had invented in 2000 the concept of"The lipstick index": the more a country is in crisis, the more lipsticks sales take off.The theory is not really proven, but we can understand that the idea of a red as a moral rise is popular.

This make -up classic remains an affordable luxury accessory, and fashion houses design it as a scratched handbag.Precious tube, chic click of the clasp, design created by artists: the very luxurious red G, by Guerlain, with his integrated mirror was drawn by the jeweler Lorenz Baümer;Givenchy publishes his red Kyoto Edition, a collector directed by a Japanese artist.When the lipstick becomes an object of art ...

Chic and charm

Le rouge à lèvres rouge, un symbole de la séduction absolue

The accessory is as seducer as a pair of stilettos, but now applies in the same way as you put jeans: with naturalness and simplicity.No need to be an expert, melting grapes and malignant applicators guide our daily gestures."This is the favorite tool to create an easy and chic look instantly, the best way to light up and animate the complexion and charm of any woman!»Estimates Lloyd Simmonds, artistic director of the make-up Yves Saint Laurent.

This basic which upgrades any outfit (even a jogging) is no longer the prerogative of the tailor bun."The red mouth has lost its stuck side, too chic or too much 1940s, it has really democratized, especially among the youngest," sums up the make-up artist Lyne Desnoyers at M.AT.VS.For the summer of 2016, she puts on "a hot red that flirts with the cherry red, applied with a brush, the stick or the finger to play with different opacities".

A nude and glam alliance

On peut varier les effets de style : appliquer son rouge en all-over ou juste sur le centre des lèvres, fondu sur le contour pour rendre sa ligne plus douce, mixer deux teintes ou textures (mat et brillant, par exemple)… Sur les défilés ATcne Studios, Dick Page, make-up artist Shiseido, mélange plusieurs tonalités - au couteau de peintre - afin d’obtenir un carmin frais et éclatant qui tranche sur une peau nue (presque) non maquillée. « VS’est ce contraste entre le chic du rouge et la vérité de la peau qui crée la modernité et évite un look trop sophistiqué.»»

Looking for perfection

No more old -fashioned application rituals, where you had to apply your red with a brush, absorb in a kleenex, powder, reapply on the contours to obtain an irreproachable outfit.Textures, pigments and modes of application have evolved so much that one is not afraid of burr or dehydration.Fixed polymers, nutritious micro-oils, high-fidelity pigments, emollient waxes for a perfect sliding ... Facilitate the gesture and an impeccable application.

« On peut se permettre des textures plus onctueuses grâce à une nouvelle technologie : le raisin est désormais guidé dans les parois du mécanisme, il peut donc être plus mou»», explique la Recherche LVMH."On the other hand, today we obtain more bright and pure more colors thanks to very white formula bases, while before they were yellow.Finally, years ago, we were forced to flavor the grapes to hide their smell. ATujourd’hui, nous les parfumons toujours mais pour le plaisir du sillage.»»

The bestsellers of fashion houses

- Le Rouge VSoco de VShanel, Gabrielle, tendre et fondant.- Red Dior n ° 999, incendiary and satin.- Le Rouge Givenchy n° 306, VSarmin Escarpin, un rouge bonne mine.- Le Rouge Pur VSouture n° 01, Yves Saint Laurent, intense et flamboyant.

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Le lipstick rouge, un symbole de la séduction absolue
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