Spots, wrinkles, dye the aesthetic care to be sheltered from the mask, the air of nothing

Even if it means having to wear a mask daily, as much to take advantage of it.After all, it also protects pollution, UV rays, makes it possible to lighten makeup and hide any imperfections.What if it was an opportunity to practice these small retouching long deferred for lack of time or for fear of brands and explanations to give?With less aggressive treatments than the scalpel, aesthetic medicine is very effective in delaying the harms of skin aging, stimulating support fabrics, limiting relaxation and keeping a nice complexion.

I have spots

Like 1 in 5 women.This deregulation of pigmentation due to age, UV, hormones is one of the most difficult to treat in cosmetics.The best remedy is prevention.Do not wait for miracles, but with patience and regularity, they can be lightened and reduce the number of stains if they are very recent.The most effective active ingredients: all antioxidants, in particular vitamin C, niacinamide, aha and bha (glycolic acids, kojic, phytic, dioic ...), arbutine, licorice, thiamidol ... but to erase them, capat the doctor.

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The aesthetic solution

"When it comes to lentigos (old age spots), an ND laser session: Yag Q-Switched is generally enough to treat the full face and/or hands," says Thierry Michaud, dermatologist.Figures persist for a week (two on the hands), and solar eviction is essential (from 150 euros per session).If the lentigos are diffuse with skin damaged by the sun, polychromatic light can be a good solution (from 250 euros per session, three sessions on average).The depigmenting peels are offered as a last resort, because their results are not guaranteed (from 200 euros).»»»»»»»»»»»»»»»»

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Notre sélection de soins anti-taches brunes
Voir le diaporama
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My neck fade

Peau très fine, peu de glandes sébacées, des tensions constantes, la tête penchée sur les écrans… Si on ne veut pas porter le «collier de Vénus»»»»»»»»»»»»»»»» trop tôt, on prend l’habitude d’appliquer ses soins jusqu’au décolleté.The right gesture: massage from bottom to top with the dish with your hand, then perform small pinching.

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The aesthetic solution

Taches, rides, teint Les soins esthétiques à pratiquer à l’abri du masque, l'air de rien

In prevention, from 35-40 years old, Marie-Thérèse Bousquet, aesthetic doctor, recommends light products such as skinboosters (reticulated hyaluronic acid) or mesotherapy (hyaluronic acid + vitamins), which will blurred with the emerging wrinkle.On a custard, injections of hyaluronic acid all over the area, with radiofrequency sessions, will allow you to block breaks and stimulate support tissues.To do in two sessions, with an interview every six months.After 50 years, injections of hyaluronic acid not too dense improves the skin, bring it flexibility, but the imprint of the wrinkle will tend to persist.To restore density, skinboosters and mesotherapy are also recommended twice a year, just like radiofrequency, which by heating the support tissues retalizes the skin.

Non -split ablative laser sessions provide a small withdrawal, thanks to its tighting action (contracion, in French).When the skin becomes too relaxed, a slight facelift remains the most effective alternative.For injections, two or three sessions are required, count 300 euros per session.

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My lips melt

Dès la quarantaine, la bouche s’amincit, pâlit et le fameux «code-barres»»»»»»»»»»»»»»»» apparaît au-dessus de la lèvre.Even if we see fewer airbag mouths, pay attention to the gesture too much.Above all, you have to consider the entire face to maintain the harmony of the features.

The aesthetic solution

For Nelly Gauthier, aesthetic doctor, it is by intervening early that we can stop the process, by injecting a little volumor hyaluronic acid, specific for this constantly in motion area.Placed directly in the edge of the lip to re -enter it, it strengthens the outline while keeping its natural appearance.It brings a flexible volume, essential in this place.Later, "from my fifties, it is a global treatment that must be developed with the patient, continues the doctor.With injections of volumizing and projecting hyaluronic acid, we treat the edge of the lips, the corners of the mouth, if they have reversed, as well as the Nasogenian furrows, which are part of the lower face unit (From 500 euros per session).To treat released skin and sun pleated (white lip), we use different resurfacing methods (plexr), depending on the needs (from 600 euros).»»»»»»»»»»»»»»»»

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I look sad

Même si votre cœur déborde d’énergie et de bienveillance, le pli d’amertume ou «ride de la marionnette»»»»»»»»»»»»»»»» vous transforme en bouledogue.This vertical wrinkle, which starts from the lip commissures and descends to the chin, is more difficult to treat than the Nasogenian furrows.

The aesthetic solution

"To counter the relaxation of this area surrounding the mouth, the injections of hyaluronic acid are the privileged solution, confirms Thierry Michaud, dermatologist.When the fold is beginner, we inject the lower face with a product not too dense so as not to weigh down the area.Radioifrequency sessions are also possible to gradually redensify the skin (from 150 euros per session, with an annual interview).On a slightly older and more marked person, we must consider this treatment as part of an overall oval correction, with a larger product, which gives support in the upper part of the face (from 500euros per session).And when relaxation is more accentuated, only surgery can make a smile...»»»»»»»»»»»»»»»»

My nose falls

We do not always realize it, but over the years, the tip of the nose plunges and approaches the lips.Indeed, the bone of the nose is eroding and, even there, the skin loses its elasticity.Suddenly, the nose lies down and gives the air "nasty"»»»»»»»»»»»»»».

The aesthetic solution to remedy it, Nelly Gauthier, aesthetic doctor, injects a volumor hyaluronic acid and projecting at three levels, very deeply just above the bone to recreate the pillar of the tip of the nose, then below the nostrils forRaise this part which no longer holds, and finally a superficial drop in trompe-l'oeil just at the end to give the impression that the nose is higher.However, if the nose is very busy, surgery can be more suitable with a final result.With this treatment with injections, the result is between eighteen and twenty-four months old, sometimes more (from 500 euros per session).

My complexion is gray

Fatigue, stress, tobacco, pollution ... The loss of radiance has no age to rage and the quest for the Glow, symbol of young and healthy skin, is the great obsession of the moment, signing the return, among others, ofVitamin C, champion of radiance.

The aesthetic solution

To restore shine to still young skin, Marie-Thérèse Bousquet, aesthetic doctor, advises a light therapy treatment (Kleresca Rejuvenation), which gives good results while being very comfortable.Another possibility, the IPL (or pulsed light) which, by acting on the vascular component of the dermis, offers a beautiful light to the complexion and acts on redness (from 150 euros per session).Count three sessions one month apart, then twice a year, except on tanned skin (300 euros per session).

À partir de 45-50 ans, si le teint manque de fraîcheur, une séance de laser C02 fractionné est un bon «déclencheur d’amélioration»»»»»»»»»»»»»»»» qui permet de booster la peau, de la remettre en tension et d’améliorer nettement le teint.The suites (red and swollen skin, which plush) last a good week, and the results are visible after three.If spots are present in addition, a TCA peel (trichlocetic) is more indicated.The result ?More uniform skin, fewer fine lines and tight pores (from 400 euros per session).

My face is square

Over time, you lose bone, fat melts and slides downwards.The youth cone reverses and the V becomes u.Only the facelift can really go up the slopes but, according to Oliver Claude, plastic surgeon, we can act before.

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The aesthetic solution

"To fight against a somewhat marked relaxation, a treatment plan based on dense hyaluronic acid gives beautiful results for twelve to eighteen months: three zones (cheekbones, temples and mandibular line) are injected to restore support fromthe skin, redraw the oval and remove the traces of negative emotions of the face (from 500 euros per session).The option of absorbable wires is possible from 35 years old, when relaxation is still light, if necessary in combination with hyaluronic acid injections.After 45 years, this combo of techniques remains effective, but with more threads (from 2000 euros) and a greater number of injections.The results persist around two years.»»»»»»»»»»»»»»»»

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