Test: what is your sexual profile?


Sexuality can be approached in many different ways depending on the individual. A huge playground for some to explore, a way for others to express their feelings... We too often forget that sex is a physiological necessity, an emotional outlet and the only way to express one's intimacy. According to a study conducted by Amy Muise of the University of Toronto, the couples who have the greatest sexual bonding focus on the positive aspects of their relationship. They would make love more to strengthen their intimacy and to feel close to each other than to please each other. This would be one of the keys to maintaining long-term desire between two partners.Test: what is your sexual profile? Test: what is your sexual profile?

To take care of your privacy, you should put aside the absolute quest for your own orgasm with all the decorum that goes with it and seek more to please your other half. Sex should therefore never be a weapon, neither to satisfy one's desire at all costs, nor to frustrate the other by practicing the sex strike when there is conflict on other grounds. Want to know your sexual profile?

Take the test!

1.One of your girlfriends invites you to a sex toy party with the girls…

A/ Sharing the secrets of your intimacy with strangers, very little for you…

B/Why not? There is no harm in spicing up your sex life!

C/Useless, you already have a drawer full of them.

D/With pleasure, benefiting from the experience of others can be a good thing.

2.What is your opinion on infidelity?

A/It's an insurmountable ordeal.

D/She must be kept secret to keep the relationship intact.

B/We can overcome it on condition that we take our share of the responsibility in the betrayal of our partner.

C/It is unfortunately inevitable with time and routine.

3.For you, sexting is…

A/A bit ridiculous.

B/Necessary to boost your libido.

C/ Better than nothing, but worse than a sexy video or photo.

D/ A way like any other to express your feelings.

4.Where do you most fantasize about making love?

A/A four-poster bed.

Test: what is your sexual profile?

D/A beach on a desert island.

C/A libertine box.

B/Your partner's office.

5. Talking about your fantasies...

B/It's natural in action.

A/ Clearly not your thing.

D/ It happens sooner or later and it's a sign of emotional intimacy and trust.

C/It's important to give a guideline to your partner.

6.In your opinion, what is the best love potion?

D/Whispered words of love discreetly in the ear of your partner.

C/Pretty sexy lace and a few accessories.

A/Powerful feelings.

B/Sexting, a candlelit dinner, pretty lingerie and a candlelit bedroom.

7.What do you think foreplay represents?

A/A proof of the attention we pay to each other.

D/A mandatory step for a fulfilling sexual relationship.

B/A part of the sexual relationship that you do not hesitate to skip to make love more often.

C/The moment when you see if your partner holds up in bed.

8.You get hit on by a handsome, obviously married guy…

B/You find it flattering, but you kindly decline.

A/You brush him off and point out that he's wearing a wedding ring.

C/You respond to his advances to see how far it takes you.

D/You're trying to figure out how he got there.

9.What does the sex strike mean to you?

A/It happens to you regularly to punish your spouse.

B/ A stupid technique that you never use; your Jules might look elsewhere.

C/A stupid punishment: why foolishly deprive yourself of sex?

D/ Something that never lasts because you have a hard time resisting your partner's advances.

10.Talking about your antics with your girlfriends…

B/It happens to you from time to time for fun.

C/ This happens to you regularly because sex is a topic of conversation like any other.

A/ Rarely, if ever; what happens in your bedroom concerns only you and your Jules.

D/Sometimes, but really with your closest friend and without going into details.

11.Your Jules offers you a threesome...

B/This is a sign that he needs a change.

A/He doesn't love you anymore.

D/He tries his luck and tests your limits.

C/ It could spice up your sex life.



You have maximum C

You are an outgoing sexual. Sex is a playground you couldn't live without. At ease with your body, sexuality is for you a subject like any other. Open to each other's fantasies, you like to have new experiences. You know how to communicate about what makes you happy and you are sometimes even criticized for being unfiltered on the subject of sexuality. Adventurous and easy-to-adopt, you like to test all new gadgets to explore the different facets of pleasure. You easily dissociate sex and feelings, which is sometimes difficult for your partners to understand. Polyamorous if that sings to you, you do not hoist fidelity to the pantheon of love. For you, sex should rhyme with fun and rock'n'roll.

You have a maximum of A

You are a traditional sexual. You have a very traditional view of sexuality and you are convinced that sex without feeling cannot work. Modest on the subject, you never talk about it and especially not to strangers. For you, what happens in your bedroom is all about you. You strongly believe in fidelity and you have certainly asked your spouse to commit to this point at the beginning of your relationship. Not very adventurous in this field, you find it difficult to let go to live new sexual experiences. You would benefit from getting out of the usual patterns to spice up your sexuality and explore new possibilities even if it is always with the same partner. Dare to be romantic with beautiful sexy lingerie, scented candles and soft music. This might please you and surprise (for once) your lifelong fiancé.

You have maximum D

You are a confident sexual. Generous and empathetic, you are very attentive to your other half. Always in search of fulfillment, sex is for you a pleasant activity based on intimacy and trust. Loyalty is part of your values ​​and if your spouse cheated on you, you would prefer to ignore it. For you, sex is inseparable from feelings and sexuality, an indicator of the good or bad functioning of a couple. More romantic than extroverted at the sexual level, you nevertheless know how to get out of your comfort zone to please your partner while respecting your limits. You have understood for a long time that to have a good life under the duvet, you had to give all your confidence to the other and express your expectations as naturally as possible.

You have maximum B

You are a creative sexual. You perfectly master the rules of sexuality and you know exactly what to do to inflame your spouse. Open-minded and curious, you like to surprise your better half with accessories or staging to spice up your sex life. The routine being for you the death of sex, you compete in creativity to maintain your sexual complicity at its peak. And even if, sometimes, you find yourself in absurd situations, it makes you laugh and it has the merit of maintaining your complicity. You have no problem talking about sex because you think it's the most natural thing in the world. Finally, you are well aware that frustrating the other by practicing the sex strike is a big mistake. Nurturing your sexuality is a real talent that you obviously have.

TOO #43


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