Charlotte Gaccio: "After I gave birth, I had empty stomach syndrome"

Since August 2021, Charlotte Gaccio has taken us into the eventful life of Audrey Roussel, a single mother of 4 children arriving in Sète. A colorful character camped in the series Tomorrow belongs to us, with which the thirty-year-old has at least one thing in common: that of being a mother. And she even became doubly since on October 15, 2017, Charlotte Gaccio gave birth to twins. Since then, her life has changed a lot, even in her beauty habits. She tells us.

Charlotte, if I tell you childhood memories and beauty, what do you think of? My grandmother had few beauty gestures but she put on the famous Nivea cream. The smell and the vintage pot always make me think of her. And I loved seeing my mom (note: actress Michèle Bernier) made up for theater and TV, it fascinated me. Sometimes we got ready together in the bathroom. Did that stop you from slipping up, teenager? Oh no! let my experiments take their course. I used a lot of black kohl and mascara. I had, of course, the whitest complexion possible and… black and red hair!

Did you have a model at the time? Marilyn Manson of course! You became a mother in 2017, has motherhood changed your beauty habits? I have less time. When my twins were little, I slept during their nap or took the time to put on a little mask while taking a bath. Now there are too many toys in the bathtub, I relax a lot less! (laughs) I take care of the wife and not just the mother. I think you're a better mother if you feel good. Being a full-time mom is a crazy job, it's not a job for me. I need time to myself, to be more patient, to listen, certainly more gentle.

Let's go back a little bit, during your pregnancy, how did you approach the changes in your body? I loved seeing my belly grow, having permission, for once, to be fat. As soon as he pushed, I dressed tight to see with my babies grow. I lost 12 kilos, they hit my reserves.

Charlotte Gaccio:

Did you have any special desires?Sardines and couscous! I started to like coffee and I had a distaste for ratatouille. I haven't eaten it for 4 years, even though I loved it!

The pregnancy went well? The first trimester of pregnancy, I took 4 naps a day, after that I had a boost of energy in the second trimester, then I was bedridden the last month because I had contractions. When there was confinement, I said to myself: "I stayed in bed for 3 weeks, I can do anything."

How was postpartum? I had empty stomach syndrome, it was difficult. I had to do a lot of work on accepting my body. Suddenly, he had changed, I had to learn to reclaim this belly without a baby, deformed, soft, with distended skin... It's still complicated but life will make its way. I also remember that I was very tired but, what was great with twins, is the longer paternity leave than for a child. Dad was able to stay with us for a month and that was clearly the bare minimum! In addition, we had to learn to be a family, to let go. With a baby, I would have been the type to say to my husband "leave it, it's me who does" whereas there, with two, I had to trust him and he was able to take his place as a father. .

What advice and values ​​do you plan to pass on to children later on? Love each other as they are, and do everything to feel good in your body and in your head. And if something puts them too badly, if it is vital, like redoing the nose because it is complexing for example, well why not. But I dare to hope that I will teach them to love each other hard enough. I would like my daughter to know that she is beautiful without makeup, that yes, it's fun to put on to have fun, but that's not what counts.

Do you have little well-being moments with them? Zoé loves when I do my makeup. If she asks for lipstick or varnish, I apply it with pleasure. We do it like a game. And when it's bath time, it's not a quiet break but a game again. On the other hand, they hate that I wash their hair, especially my son... We defined that Wednesday and Sunday it was shampoo, they know it very well!

Find below the beauty essentials of Charlotte Gaccio and her children.

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